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Low voltage transformer device
The voltage of three-phase transformer system is low and stable. The input voltage falls below the working voltage of 200V. This transformer is more secure than high voltage types.
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Specification of Impeder
Specification of Fiberglass Cover
PLC control system console
To adapt PLC control system and quickly display fault diagnosis for rapid and effective maintenance.

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High frequency oscillator output cabinet
The high frequency oscillator device is constituted by a parallel with MOSFET power module. Each single (positive and negative) power module is carrying 50KW, operational  frequency is 250KHz ~ 400KHz. This device mainly consists of a rectifier, filter capacitor, circuit module and phase control parts.

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D. C power supply cabinet
D.C power supply is adapted low voltage circuit system and semiconductor technology. The electric power is delivered directly to the rectifier and then to the high-frequency CT output.
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Transistor High Frequency
Carbon Steel Welder
Spare Parts
A wide range of welded accessories (coil, welding contact, welding CT output and impeder) and essential replacement parts of welders are provided for achieving customers’ individual and specific requirements. We offer various kind of impeders based on each customer’s demand. Impeders can be offered as plain (ferrite core) and fiberglass cover type. Utilizing a good quality impeder is fundamental in directing the flow of electrical.
The manufacturing process of pipe is made by several different procedures. The simple overall production process is involved within three stages. Firstly, the raw steel is converted into a workable shaped pattern. Secondly, the tube is made by a continuous production line format. Finally, the tube is welded, modified and cut to reach each individual customer’s requirements.
Distilled water cooling circulation system
To adapt the plat pattern of the heat exchanger. The distilled water is used to reduce the heat generated within welding in order to maintain the welding machine at a safe working temperature range.
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Metal Tube Making Process
The fundamental management philosophy of Jeng Dar is “Quality Precedence & Service Supremacy” as core commitments to our products and services for various domestic and international clients in global. Our products are offered in standard type as well as customized option as per client’s requirements. Our services are committed to understand the requirements of clients to achieve high quality products within project budget and schedule. As the globalization economy is ahead, the competition is going to grow rapidly, we will fully equipped with excellent products, advanced techniques, competitive prices, timely delivery and quality service with high added value to both domestic and international markets in order to excel and meet the global challenges.
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